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Cancellation Policy

All deposits returned for cancellations 3 days (72hrs) or more prior to the tour date if not confirmed in advance. A confirmation means a commitment.

50% of deposit refundable 48-72 hours prior to the tour date, unless confirmed in advance. A confirmation means a commitment

Within 48 hours no refunds on deposit without medical report signed by a doctor.

No Shows... no refund on deposit.

Those without a deposit who cancel within 48 hours or no show... $100usd cancellation fee.

New Policy

Due to an unfortunate and dramatic increase of last minute cancellations (mainly by those whom used the option of payment in full at the conclusion of the tour), I regretfully have to request a minimum 50% deposit on all future tours. This is the first time I have had to do this, but every cancellation costs me more than the lost revenue from the tour itself.

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